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Short characteristic of the literally project IOTA.

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Matthew (5, 18)

13 seconds after Big Bang the Universe was very hot, small like a football, full of hard radiation and successively emerging elements of the new quark world – at this time rose up the smallest particle – IOTA.

13 billion and 650 million years after Big Bang the Universe existed in a very tiny state of thermodynamic balance. Somewhere in its recesses ruled Ego and it prepared that this balance would be broken. IOTA could not let it without consequence. After all he was the guardian.

Physical theory is talking about the change between real and false vacuum. What at first sight looks like a dark and dead space is full of energy from the space background. There came to pass the time of expansion, inflation and strong inequality and now in the state of balance between good and badness somebody is preparing to set up the fire. Cataclysm which would spread as a balloon with the speed of light swallows all the hopes and fears. Would there deals with the Ego´s victory or just only somebody not instructed will fire the match in a gunpowder repository. IOTA lost his god´s patience.

The story is set into a near future. It doesn´t deal with a conflict of two distant civilizations, but there goes about an out of galaxies contact for the reason of help or to guide the next development. The process is just arising and gaining momentum what is very dangerous for our earth civilization which is proud of supposed expanse scientific progress, but on the other hand is heading for disaster because of soldierly misuse of these progress. If there connects the strong science ambition with the absence of responsibility, while the morality is walking in the khaki colors, so the problem is sure on. The history did learn about the fact many times. But the truth that this problem is out of our Earth´ dimension can be recognized only by its guardian – IOTA.

Despite the fact that Iota is the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet, with its substance of the rescue act in this sci-fi novel is out of anything shaping by the alphabet ever made. Not only for the human on our Earth.