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God does not play dice.

Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen paradox, also known as EPR paradox, is a result of quantum mechanics: as long as two systems have co-operated in its history (they interacted together), than measurement performed in one system leads to immediately change of the state in the second system, despite the fact that both systems could be remote on a long distance.

  photo by Milan Turek

Albert Einstein, one of the biggest thinkers of the 20th century, was a great critic of the quantum theory.  It is well known his statement: “God does not play dice”. With these words he wanted to highlight the fact, that the nature laws building have its own strict, exact construction with its inner logic. So, if we are stepping down in the structure hierarchy of the matter to the smallest and smallest elements, we can encounter to phenomenon which is interpreted just as an accidental grouping of circumstances which are beyond all discovered pieces of knowledge up our times. Than we have to re-evaluate either the theory or the understanding of our matter world.

The EPR paradox deals with the experiment (today practically confirmed) in which two particles bounded with common history (for example, the protons in helium atom) have separated with each other and they are sending to opposite directions. If the particles have had the common history, than they have had bounded quantum properties, too. If up the experiment, we have changed the quantum properties of the particle A, than the quantum properties of the particle B, which is travelling in the opposite direction, are immediately changed. And it doesn´t matter how far the particles are one from second.

In our earth conditions the speed of light is enormous. But in Universe gauge the light is dawdling as a snail. If the particle A might have been at a distance of millions light years from particle B, and we changed its quantum state, the information about this change will travel with much more higher speed than the speed of light and would caused the immediately change of the particle B quantum state .

Up the EPR paradox the speed of information spreading will be for the whole Universe absolutely. If we are deluding that we are in this huge space alone, so we have to re-evaluate this conclusion or to stand before the inevitable fact that the fatal science experiments are not touching just only the destiny of our Earth, but they are touching the whole Universe.


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